Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Grade Do You Give Topps' New Five Star Football?

Topps ultra high end Five Star Football product went live earlier this week. It's jam packed with patches, swatches, shields, laundry tags, "gold" foiling and on-card auto's. That's a lot of good stuff, but at $425 a box for 5 cards, there should be a lot of good stuff in Five Star. That's $85 per card for you non-math majors out there. I used a calculator myself. So the question is, what grade do you give Topps Five Star? Here's a link to the cards already listed on eBay (click here).


  1. Here are my thoughts on this product:

    A. Wow... DA Cardworld already has these going for $540 a box... insane. Personally... I'm not into dropping that much $$$ on one product. Too high risk for me. At that price, I'd rather have a bunch of smaller boxes like Topps Magic, UD Philadelphia, and UD Masterpieces.

    B. I do like the fact that all of the autographs are on-card... which means there's probably a ton of redemption cards. One card I'd like to grab is an Ed Reed Five Star Signatures card. I'm also interested in seeing what all of the inscriptions are on the Quotable Autographs.

    C. Seems to be a ton of booklets... which I'm sure a lot of people love. Personally... I'm not a big fan, because they're hard to display.

    D. Final grade for me is a C... C = cool... but definitely a novelty I'll never purchase (well... maybe an autograph here or there if they're affordable).

    What about you Charles? Any plans to bust this?

  2. I give it a very solid B+. I love the on-card auto's, the foiling, large patches and inscription auto's. The only problem is the cost. I certainly won't be busting a box at around $450-$525, but I will pick up a single or two.