Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ray Allen Is The New 3-Point Shot King

Ray Allen knocked down his record setting 2,561st 3-point shot tonight. Breaking the previous mark held by Reggie Miller. It's quite the accomplishment. Not only has Allen made the most threes in NBA history, but he's also shot a very respectable 39.8% from beyond the arc for his career. From his time at the University of Connecticut and the Big East, to his Milwaukee Bucks, Sonics and current Celtics days, Allen has filled it up. Something that has been overlooked during Allen's career is his defense. He often is charged with taking a team's best offensive player on defense.

This '99 SkyBox Autographics card has been in my collection for a year or so and I'm glad I bought it when I did. I have a feeling his cards are going to go up this week, and if the Celtics make it to the NBA Finals this year, forget about it.

Aside from being an all-time great shooter, Allen was played Jesus Shuttlesworth in the film, He Got Game. That makes Allen one of my favorite hoopsters of the last decade.


  1. His record number of made three-pointers is quite an accomplishment. His percentage from behind the arc is very impressive as well. I think the 3-point shot is the most exciting play in basketball.

  2. Another great thing about the 90's are those awesome Autographics... that's one sweet card bud!

  3. Thanks Mark. The Autographics sets of the 90's were sweet!!!