Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Card For Super Sunday: 2010 UD SPx Thurman Thomas Shadow Box

2010 Upper Deck SPx Thurman Thomas Shadow Box
This is the second Thurman Thomas gem this week that I've added to my collection (click here). It may bring up some bad Super Bowl memories for this Bills fan, mainly four bad memories, but it also brings up some great memories of "The Thurmanator" running wild and catching passes out of the backfield. The Bills run of four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early 90's was impressive, and yet heart breaking at the same time. Good thing free agency came to the NFL in 1993. Otherwise, the Bills would still be looking to get their first Super Bowl win in their 21st straight appearance tonight.

As for these SPx Shadow Box cards, they're really cool. This is the second year Upper Deck has released versions of these inserts. They are case hits inserted into the football and hockey products. I hope they release versions in the basketball product. Each card is very thick and has a raised 3D image of the featured player in the middle of the card.

This is the second Thurman Thomas Shadow Box card I've been able to add to my collection. The first features Thomas in his Buffalo Bills uniform (click here). This was obviously when Upper Deck had their NFL license. Both are really fun cards. I hope to add a few of the hockey shadow box cards to my collection too. Upper Deck really did a nice job with these. Enjoy the big game today and… "Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Wow, nice stuff. I've seen those come up on Blowout forums and they're really, really popular.

  2. Yeah, it seems collectors like them. The 2011 hockey ones just hit the Bay and are selling very well.

  3. You know I love me some Shadow Box cards... congratulations on this addition to your PC. Go Packers!