Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Of My Best Trading Card Acquisitions Of The Last Few Months

Here's a few of my favorite cards from the past few months. I've wrote posts on most of these, but it's always fun to show them off. After all, part of the fun of card collecting is showing your cards off. What are some of your favorite trading card acquisitions of the past few months?

               '08 Bowman Chrome                   '10 UD Ultimate Laettner Auto               '97 Topps Finest Gold Ref
               Montero Blue Ref RC

'03 Kobe/Williams UD Ultimate Dual Jersey

'91 Kenny Anderson Star Pics Auto               '08 Brett Gardner RC Auto         '03 Jay Williams UD Ultimate Auto RC

'00 UD Paul O'neill Buy Back Auto

   '09 UD Exquisite Cunningham Auto            '80 Topps Henderson RC                   '08 Hawaii Trade Conference                                                                                                                                        Miller/Evans Auto

        '02 Topps Bo Jackson Memorable Materials                          '97 UD Exquisite Legendary Lynch Auto

'00 UD Bruce Smith Legendary Jsy    '95 Topps Finest Hardaway Refractor           '97 Jeter Flair Hot Gloves

'08 UD Trilogy 1-2 Combo Vanek/Miller Auto

                                Bernie Williams, Paul O'neill & Andy Pettitte EX Essential Credentials

'97 Metal Universe Precious Gems Bruce Smith

                     '10 Topps 206 Cervelle Auto                         '10 UD The Cup Signature Patches Vanek Auto

'92 Classic Four-Sport Quad Auto (I've had this for a bit, but it one of my favorites)

                '07 UD Ultimate Legends Jim kelly Auto                       '96 Anfernee Hardaway UD Tribute Auto

 '97 Jordan UD SPx Holoview Heroes       '91 Larry Johnson Courtside Auto                 '93 Classics Exclusive                                                                                                                                          Manon Rheaume Auto

          '09 UD Thurman Thomas UD SPx Shadow Box                '08 UD Lynch Exquisite Endorsements Auto

'97 UD Jordan Commemorative Collection     '99 Thomas SkyBox Rubies            '93 TSC Beam Team O'neal RC

              '09 UD Exquisite Thurman Thomas Auto             '97 Ultra Court Masters (I'm putting the set together)  

             '10 Thurman Thomas UD SPx Shadow Box                              '07 Chris Mullin UD Ultimate Virtuoso

'09 UD SP Legendary Cuts Warren Spahn Auto


  1. Wow, that's a great collection of cards. I love the Cunningham auto and the Stockton "Court Masters".

    I love that you appreciate 90s basketball cards as much as I do. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Eric L, thanks. I collect a lot of dif stuff, but 90's inserts are def my favorite.

  3. The Kobe jersey is sick! I think that Laettner auto is one of the most beautiful cards I've seen. I need to get his auto.

  4. Hey Charles... wow... you've built quite the collection. Those cards are awesome... and I'm talking about all of them.

    My favorite acquisition in the past couple of months has to be my Steve Largent rookie card... I was stoked to pick that one up.

  5. I meant to say this when you posted it a week or so ago, but that Mullin card is pure awesome! Also love the Thurman Thomas auto and I can't hate on that Shaq Beam Team; that card was THE card to have back in 93. I would've sold crack to nuns to get a copy.

  6. Some really nice looking cards there. I might have to pick up a Rheaume auto. I collected her back in the day and it would be cool to have one of those now.

  7. @dodgerbobble, I really like that Kobe/Jay Williams. I'm still going after a few more Laettner auto's. He's the only player to sign on-card besides the Ultimate Legends cards.

    @Fuji, it's always nice to get a nice card of your fav player. Congrats on the Largent RC

    @Casey, HAHAHAHA. That Shaq Beam Team was def hot back in the day. The entire set is nice. I love you comment. Hilarious!!!

    @Offy, The Rheaume auto's are def nice. Just be careful. These were hot back in the day and counterfeits were made. There is a really nice Masterpieces/Chronology type UD auto that came out recently. Good Luck!!!

  8. Awesome cards! Really like the way they display on the blog! Can't wait to see what you have a few months from now!

  9. @dkwilson, thanks. I'm certainly going to enjoy these, but I can't wait to see what I can add to the collection a few months from now either!!!

  10. Holy crap! That is one nice collection. I love that four sport quad auto!