Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Inscriptions Auto Thurman Thomas 14/15 In The Hoopography House

I recently added a very nice 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Inscriptions Auto Thurman Thomas card to my collection. The card is absolutely beautiful and is numbered 14 of 15. I'm really excited to have this card in my collection. I've bid on every copy of this card that's come on the secondary markets over the past year.

Surprisingly, two copies appeared on eBay over the past two weeks. The first sold for $69.97 (click here) about a week and a half ago. I put a late bid in on this one just before it shot up to the $50.00 range. I was disappointed that I was quickly outbid with a few seconds to go in the auction, but you have to know when to fold 'em.

With a limited print run of only 15, I didn't think I'd see another one of these Thomas cards for awhile. As the collector gods would have it though, another copy was listed last week. I knew the market value on the card from the last auction and ones previous. I assumed I'd be out snipped on this one too, but my late bid held strong.

I paid $33.99 with free shipping. I don't normally spend over $15-$20 on a single card let alone over $30.00, but this is a really great item this Bills die hard just couldn't pass up. I'm especially excited I payed less than half of what the previously listed card sold for.

I have a number of nice Thomas cards in my collection, but this one certainly takes the cake. At least until the next one! Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Looks great--Exquisite tends to have nice cards like this but I'm surprised you got it at that price. I'm the same--I rarely pay that much for one card, but when I do it's usually ridiculously nice like this one.

  2. Proving once again why sticker autos are crap. Such a beautiful card. Nicely done. And you can still afford to eat this week, so that's a bonus.

    I don't normally spend that much on a card either...unless it's a Batum.

  3. @ All, Thanks guys. I was really excited about this one. i was afraid the corners would be a mess on it or something for me to get it for basically half-price, but it's perfect.

    @ G_Moses, I think sticker auto's have their place in more economical product, but boxes over $150/box should def have on-card auto's. $30.00 is def a lot for me. I know it no a lot in this hobby, but for me it is. I usually buy cards for under $10. That's my wheel house. The old $.99 special that only a dork like me would collect or put a bid on.

  4. Sweet card!

    I got to meet Thurman at the 1991 National Show in Anaheim. Nice guy.

  5. Beautiful card bro... congratulations. love the silver ink!

  6. Thanks guys. I'm a big fan of the "Thurmanator". He was the do everything back.