Monday, February 14, 2011

Gatta Like The Dual Autograph: 2006 UD SP Authentic SOTT's Vanek/Drury Auto

2006 Upper Deck SP Authentic Sign of the Times Thomas Vanek/Chris Drury
There's nothing like a nice on-card auto for the sports card collector. Except of course, two on-card auto's on one card. Needless to say, three or four on-card auto's on a single card would be even nicer than a dual auto'd card, but I don't have one. So we'll go with the dual auto'd card. This Vanek/Drury Upper Deck Sign of the Times card was a nice little pickup I had from the Bay recently and proves to be a nice example of a dual auto'd card.

Chris Drury is no longer with the Buffalo Sabres, but he was a big part of their success just a few seasons ago. His signature is anything but impressive, but it's nice to have non the less. He's currently with the New York Rangers. Thomas Vanek is leading the Sabres with 48 total points and is second on the team with 22 goals. Those certainly aren't Hall of Fame numbers, but they're very respectable for this point in the season. Plus, he's got a pretty snazzy signature. Click here to see a couple more Thomas Vanek auto'd cards.

So I'm a big fan of dual auto'd cards. Do you prefer single auto'd cards or a multi auto'd cards? I can see how this would be a no brainer for most, but it's also nice to have a card that focuses on one great player and their signature. Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. That's a pretty nice pair of players. I often prefer single autos just because they inevitably pair up two rookies, one of which fizzles out, or a HOFer and some scrub rookie, devaluing the card. Occasionally they get it right, though, my favorite being my quad-Wolverine one in my PC. Also, the one you have with Shaq, Desmond Howard, et al works great too. This would be another perfect excuse to post that--if I had it I'd be posting it all the time!

  2. @caljr3000, I agree with you about the pairing of players. It sucks when you have a card with one player you never heard of.

    Hahaha, i was thinking about posting a few cards over.

  3. Dual autographed cards can look super sharp or super crummy depending on the set. For my HOF auto collection, I am strictly one auto per card, but if there was a cool dual auto card of some goons, I'd be all over it. Unless, of course, they were sticker autos; then the card can go to hell.

  4. @Casey, Like the sound of that auto collection, "HOF". Nice!!!