Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Jordan Collection (Part 6): The '91 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Jordan Issue

Sports Illustrated: Dec. 23rd, 1991 Sportsman of the Year
One of the coolest looking Sports Illustrated issues and pieces of Michael Jordan memorabilia of all-time is the above December 23rd, 1991 “Sportsman of the year” issue featuring a hologram of Michael Jordan and a bright red background. Oddly enough, for as neat as this item looks, and the fact that "His Airness" himself is featured, it's not too pricey. Not too pricey relative to the original Jordan S.I. cover from 1984 that has sold for upwards of $175 in mint condition. I know because I once, and let me reiterate once, bid on one of those rare mint UNC 1984 S.I magazines (once is enough to realize the damage a click of a mouse could do to the old wallet).

Hologram technology was fairly new at the time this issue came out, and it was especially interesting for a magazine to utilize the holographic technology. This issue can be had for right around $6 to $15 (click here) depending on condition. Here's a current eBay auction with one day remaining (click here). The issue looks to be in nr-mint condition and for a fair price.

The early UNC 1984 Jordan S.I. issue is certainly a nice piece to add to any collection. However, considering the disparity in price and cool look of the hologram, the "Sportsman of the Year" issue is more than a great substitute. This is without question one of the best Michael Jordan pieces of memorabilia a collector can add to their collection.

Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Lol... I found this issue in the box w/ all of my Becketts. I bought a few of these back in the day... but now I'm down to one on my collection. Great write up Charles!

  2. I really like Back Jordan magazines and I think this is one of the better ones of all-time. That's def a nice find by you!!!