Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Thanks To Mark Over At The Chronicles Of Fuji

A big thanks is in order for Mark over at The Chronicles of Fuji. He sent me a package with a ton of great items for me to enjoy. If you haven't already, make sure to checkout his blog. He has quite the collection going and provides great commentary on trading cards, vintage Beckett covers, Starting Lineup figures and more. Thanks again Mark. I will be sending something out your way very shortly.

January, 1992 Beckett Football Issue #22
This Beckett issue from 1992 is an item that I've wanted for quite some time now. It features Jim Kelly from the glory years of the Buffalo Bills and the K-Gun Offense Super Bowl years. I'm such a big fan of this issue and cover that I will be framing it to display on the wall. Plus, it's always fun to look up prices from a bygone era in card collecting.

Here are a  few of the cards Mark sent. There are lots of great refractors and jersey cards, which was very generous of Mark. I love the Action Packed Earl "The Pearl" Monroe card in the first card scan image on the left. I'm also a big fan of the card design of the mid-90's Flair cards. Those USA Flair cards are a great example of that design style that I'm so fond of and admire. Plus, many of those players like Shaquille O'neal, Mark Price, Shawn Kemp and Kevin Johnson were some of my favorite. And come-on, how can you not like a Team USA card?

Thanks again Mark. This was a very fun package. I will be sending something out to you on Monday that you hopefully will like. Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Hey Charles... glad you liked the package. I figured you'd appreciate the Team USA cards... I was building the team set (of Flair USA cards), but ended up just buying a completed set. Whenever I find cool Knicks or Bills cards at affordable prices, I grab 'em for ya. I do the same thing with Blazers cards for G. Thanks for putting up some of the best posts in the blogworld. Enjoy your weekend buddy!

  2. Man, you got a Bills super package. That's some really cool stuff.

    Hard to go wrong with Team USA basketball too. That's a nice pickup to find in your mailbox.

  3. I love those old Beckett covers!

  4. I haven't heard Peerless Price's name in forever. What ever happened to that guy?

    I've got to get a Shaq USA card for my collection.

  5. @TJ, Price went to the Falcons, the I think got waived and rejoined the Bills for like a season and was cut. Not sure exactly.