Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poll: What Do You Think of the New Adidas NBA Jerseys?

(New L.A. Lakers & Miami Heat Adidas Jerseys)

Adidas and the NBA unveiled their new NBA Revolution 30 uniforms yesterday in the NYC. Why Revolution 30? The answer is two fold. All 30 NBA teams will be wearing the newly designed uniforms for the upcoming 2010-11 season and the uniforms are 30% lighter than the previous jerseys. Adidas also claims the new formfitting uniforms will dry twice as fast, allowing players to stay cooler and optimize movement. Is Adidas saying we'll be seeing Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen and Brian Scalabrine soaring down the lane next year because of the technology used in these uniforms? If so, I'll drop the $80 for a Swingman Revolution 30 jersey right now. Who knows, maybe I can breakout some uncoordinated dance moves at a championship parade celebration like "Mad Dog" did with the Lakers a few years back (click here).


  1. Looks modern. I like them. Though any patch card made from that Miami jersey isn't going to be very exciting.

  2. Did I ever mention that I don't like change? I say bring back the short shorts... LOL... make these guys earn their millions of dollars.

  3. I couldn't disagree more Mark. I have no problem with the early 90's shorts, but def no short shorts!!!

  4. C'mon Charles... put the Diesel in a pair of Danny Ainge's shorts? Wait... that is a little bit disturbing. Okay... no short shorts... but I'm sticking to my "don't like change" quote.

  5. I think they look cool. If they dry faster than before, I'm all for it.

    Mad Dog always cracks me up. Classic.

  6. - G, I'm so excited for the NBA season to start so I can root against the Heat.

    - Mark, I'm scarred for life now!!!! HAHAHA. But good work by you on that combo. I don't know if I could have came up two more contrasting guys. Danny Ainge, classic.

    - Dodgerbobble, Mad Dog is great. I cracked myself up on that one.