Thursday, September 23, 2010

2000 Bruce Smith Upper Deck Legends Jersey

(2000 Bruce Smith Upper Deck Legends 3 clr Jersey)
The former #1 overall pick of the Buffalo Bills in the 1985 NFL Draft played 19 seasons and finished his career as the NFL's all-time sack leader with an even 200. Smith played the bulk of his career as a DE in the 3-4 defensive scheme which makes his 200 sacks even more remarkable. No doubt my Buffalo Bills could utilize Mr. Smith today.

This 2000 Upper Deck Legends Jersey card is a recent addition to my collection. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend at $12, but I was really excited when it came in the mail earlier this week. It's not terribly thick for a jersey card. This was toward the beginning of when jersey cards came out, and other than a couple creative releases from the past few years, the older jersey cards are just so much cooler. It also doesn't hurt when you add a card of an NFL legend to your collection from your favorite team.

This is a really great card and actually got me pondering a question. There's been a lot of great #1 overall NFL draft choices. Some Hall of Fame players and many busts, but is Bruce Smith the best #1 overall draft choice in the history of the NFL?


  1. Wow... this is an awesome question. I'm always looking at the greatest busts... I've never spent time looking for the greatest.

    It's so debatable... I think defensively, Bruce Smith wins hands down. The second best defensive player drafted first in the draft was Chuck Bednarik... but Smith takes the cake.

    However it's so difficult to compare offensive and defensive players and their values/contributions.

    There are several QB's worth mentioning: Manning and Elway (Cowboy fans might also throw in Aikman's name)

    I'm not a big OJ fan, but he was an amazing running back.

    I guess if you cornered me and put a gun to my head... I'd say Peyton Manning. I know he's still playing and isn't in the HOF... but he will be. He'll also be in the top 5 of every major passing category... and will probably end up being in the top 3 by the time he's finished.

  2. - Fuji & Anonymous, I'm with you guys on the quarterbacks. No single position has as much of an influence as to the outcome of a game as QB. I also have Elway, Manning and Aikman ahead of Smith. This is a fun question that I might have to make into a poll soon!