Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Panini's "Threads Rookies" Made Out of Wood Card Stock

(Evan Turner 2011 Panini Threads Rookies Auto)
NBA ballers play on wooden courts, so doesn't it make sense that card companies produce some trading cards out of wood? Upper Deck released a number of cards that utilized wood card stock several years ago as did Topps with its '09 Hardwood release. I'm a big fan of those previous releases. The natural beauty of wood grain really lends itself to the perfect background for basketball trading cards. I'm not totally sold on the Basketball Threads product just yet, I really need to see more images, but these on-card auto'd 2011 Threads Rookies wood cards are definitely one of the better designed cards I've seen from Panini since its foray into the basketball trading card market last year.


  1. Wait... so the cards are made of ACTUAL wood? Sweet. I may have to pick up a pack just to see it for myself.