Monday, September 27, 2010

12th National Sports Collectors Convention Michael Jordan Promo Card

                        (Front)                                           (Back)

The 1991 Sports Collectors Convention was held in Anaheim, California and I'm sure featured some great memorabilia items. Fortunately, if you missed the 12th National Convention, you can still pickup some great memorabilia given out at the event on today's secondary e-markets.

This Michael Jordan card is part of a four card set that I believe was handed out at the entrance of the event as a promo. The three other cards in the set featured Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana and Nolan Ryan (click here). The fronts are the same on all four cards with the hologram baseball and home plate, and the back has a sports ball to correspond with the player featured.

I have an extra Jordan from the set that can be found in my Trade Bait Album. Hope you enjoyed this piece of sports memorabilia and of course… "Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I attended that convention. It was the best show I've ever been to. I didn't get any of those three promos. But I did get plenty of other promos, which I will be doing a future post on.

  2. - Dodgerbobble, looking forward to reading your post!!!

  3. Interesting promos... I've seen them at card shows before, but never thought to pick them up. Did you buy these on the secondary market? Or did you actually go to the National?

  4. - Mark, I wish I would have went, but I was 9 years old when the '91 SNCC took place and just getting into card collecting. I bought 2 of the Jordan cards in a Buy Now auction for a very reasonable price. For some reason, it seems that any seller who has these usually has multiples. If your looking for a baseline to buy the Jordan, I paid $1.50 for 2, plus shipping.