Friday, September 10, 2010

Bill Walton 1978 Dell Flip Book


Here's a neat little item I picked up several months ago for around $6.00. It's a 1978 Dell action flip book of basketball legend Bill Walton. Notice that the original price for this collectible was only $.50. Even for back in the late 70's I think that was a good deal.

This really is a fun little gem in my collection. I love the look and colors on the front of the book. It's not terribly big. It's made to fit comfortably in ones hand so as to be able to flip the pages quickly to reveal "The Big Red head" throwing one of his renown outlet passes. It's really like a mini 10 sec motion image. Remember folks, this is before video games became big and the internet ruled the world. This pretty good stuff for '78.

The back of the book shows some of the other flip books of NBA greats like Dr. J and Kareem. I wouldn't mind adding the "Pistol" Pete flip book to my collection, but I haven't come across a reasonably priced one yet. There is one for sale on eBay (click here), but that is definitely outside of my price range for that item. Here's a current Buy It Now eBay auction for a 1978 Dell flip book of Bill Walton (click here). Out of the six players shown on the back of the flip book below, which would you most like to add to your collection?



  1. Beside the Bill Walton, I'd have to pick up a Dr. J book.
    Look at you with the cool find.

  2. HAHAHA, thank TJ. I love stuff like this. Plus, i got a sweet deal on it. No one bid on it but me.

  3. No question... Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That would be a sweet addition to the Lakers PC. After that... it's tough decision between Dr. J & Pistol Pete.

    Nice pickup for $6.

  4. Very sweet. I'd love to have a Bill Walton flip book in my collection. I've got to look for one of those.

    Flip books rule in general.

  5. - Guy, there is one on eBay right now, but it's a Buy Now for $19.98. I really haven't looked too much, so I'm not sure how often they come up on eBay. I def thing $20 is too much tho. Good Luck. Hope you find one.