Sunday, October 17, 2010

Video: Neo Vs. Mr. Anderson ('91 Star Pics Kenny Anderson Auto)

                          (Front)                                         (Back)

Sure it might be a bit of a stretch to incorporate a scene from the motion picture The Matrix with this '91 Kenny Anderson Star Pics Auto, but it's always a good thing when you can add a video to a post from one of the cooler movies ever. Just think of Kenny Anderson as the Keanu Reeves character before the "red" pill. Mr Anderson had all the ability and potential coming out of Archbishop Molloy High School. The Queens, NY legend was a three-time Parade All-American. A feat that hadn't been achieved since one Lew Alcindor. Mr. Anderson was also named the Gatorade High School Player of the Year among other numerous awards. He was one of the most highly recruited players coming out of high school of all-time and eventually attended Georgia Tech for two seasons. Anderson became the youngest active player in the NBA when the New Jersey Nets selected him 2nd overall in the '91 Draft. There's no question that Mr. Anderson had a solid NBA career spanning 14 seasons and averaging 12.6 points, 6.1 assists/game and was also an NBA All-Star selection in 1994.

Many consider Anderson's potential unrealized. This might be because of the lofty and unrealistic expectations that were placed on Mr. Anderson ever since he was recruited way back in the 6th grade. There have also been numerous reports of personal problems stemming from marital infidelities and bankruptcy that may have also contributed to some of Mr. Anderson's issues. Fortunately, it seems that Mr. Anderson has chosen the "red" pill over the last few years as he recently earned a degree in organizational leadership and has started a business partnership with 24 Hour Fitness. 

It's obvious that Mr. Anderson wasn't "The One" on the basketball court, but maybe he can be "The One" to help positively shape the lives of individuals who attend his 24 Hour Fitness Basketball Camp Academy. This is the second chapter in a life for a former professional athlete who seems to be turning the corner. Time will undoubtably tell whether Mr. Anderson will be successful or not. That success is solely up to him, but a few things are for sure. I really like this old school on-card Star Pics auto and I love saying, "Mr. Anderson".


  1. That's a sweet autograph... I've always been a fan of the Star Pics autographs... they usually can be picked up for a couple of bucks... but they were tough to pull... i think one auto per case.

    The only downside was the fact that a lot of the autos are on the back. As for Kenny... he was amazing in college... a scoring machine.

    One of these days I'll grab a Press Pass auto of him pictured in his GT uniform.

  2. The Star Pics Auto's are great. They are usually pretty cheap for the most part with the exception of the Robert Horry and Brett Farve.