Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poll: Is Vladimir Guerrero A 1st Ballot HOF'er?

('96 Bowman POY)
One of my favorite MLB players to watch swing a bat is Vladimir Guerrero. "Big Bad" Vlad certainly has one of the more unique swings in MLB history, but it's also been remarketably effective. With the ALCS going on between Guerrero's Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees, I started wonder whether Vlad is 1st ballot HOF worthy.

Numbers are usually a reliable measure of a players worthiness for the Baseball Hall of Fame. I think Guerrero's numbers really measure up and show just how underrated he's been. Vlad has been one of the best players of the last decade. So my vote is obvious, but what do you think about Guerrero's potential HOF status?

(Vladimir Guerrero's Career Numbers)


  1. Great question... he's no doubt a HOF... however I'm not set on him being a 1st ballot guy.

    I think if he ends his career with 500 HR's... while keeping his career BA over .300 (which is almost a lock)... then I think there's a shot he'll be a 1st ballot HOF.

    Stats are everything... but standards are a lot higher... 500 HR's isn't what it used to be.

  2. I agree he's a HOF'er. I think if he has another season like he had this year and maybe one or two more solid seasons after that, he's a first ballot guy. The numbers would just be too good for a long period of time. I def think he'll be considered for a first ballot selection if he can put a couple more nice seasons together. It should be close, and another World Series win would certainly help.

  3. I think he'll get in, but not on the first ballot. As a Rangers fan, I would love to see him put up the same type of numbers the next couple of years, but that may be a wishful thinking.