Friday, October 8, 2010

Rookie Cards For $10 Bucks or Less: Kevin Durant

('08 UD Rookie Box Set)
I recently received a great email question from a reader called Joel. Joel asked which reasonably priced Kevin Durant RC I think is the best to add to ones collection? That's such a great question on so many levels Joel. First, it gives me a chance to utilize the Rookie Cards For $10 Bucks or Less post series, but more importantly, I get to write about one of the best players in the NBA today. There are a number of great card options for well under the $10 price tag. Actually, there're a few good looking Durant RC's that can be purchased for under $4 - $5. However, the best cards are always the ones that you think look the coolest and you're going to enjoy the most. So the short answer is to pick out the card that you get the most excited about. Here's the long answer:

There's no questioning Kevin Durant's talent and upside. At 22 years of age with a 25.3 point/game and 6.2 rebound/game averages in three NBA seasons, Durant hasn't even scratched the celling on that talent (if there even is a celling). Just as Durant's game should improve, so should his collectability amongst collectors. While many this week are arguing who would win a one on one matchup between Kobe and Lebron, Durant is catching up. He and the Oklahoma City Thunder are an up and coming team. Winning typically catches the attention of collectors and the Thunder should be in the playoff hunt this year again. What will catapult Durant into the collecting stratosphere is team success. If he can do that, here are two of his Rookie Cards For $10 Bucks or Less you might want to add to your collection.

2008 Topps RC
The '08 Topps RC is not the fanciest card out there by any means, but it is one of the best. I'm a huge fan of this Topps design. Aside for the fact that you can typically buy this card form $1 - $5 (click here), there are also plenty of parallel versions including a white and really cool orange color (click here). There are plenty of these out there on the secondary market. Patients is said to be a virtue and can be the best friend to a collectors wallet on this one. That being said, I would grab one of these before the season starts and "Durantuala" fever sets in this season.

2008 UD SP RC

I'm an Upper Deck fan. I always have been and always will be. The '08 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Premier Prospects Durant card is another inexpensive base card that collectors can purchase for right around $1 - $5 (click here). My favorite thing about this card is the Texas Longhorn Orange Durant rocked during the '07 NBA Draft shown in this cards. Beware with this one. Some sellers are tying to get $15 - $30 for this card on e-marketplaces like eBay.

If you're looking for something with a bit more pizazz and don't mind spending a few extra bucks, here are several more Durant RC's that have collectors salivating:

- '08 Upper Deck SP Authentic Profiles (click here)
- '08 Topps Chrome RC (click here)
- '08 Topps Chrome Refractor RC (click here)
- '08 Topps Echelon RC (click here)

Thanks for the question Joel. I hope this post helps you and other collectors looking to pick up a few Durant RC's. If you have a trading card or sports memorabilia question, feel free to email me via or on the Hoopography Facebook fan page. Good luck in your collecting pursuits and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Kevin Durant looks so right in those Sonics colors. It stinks that he and the Sonics are now residing in Oklahoma City after a snake of an owner and an idiot of a mayor lost us our team.

  2. -Agreed. It's so disappointing that there is no NBA team in Seattle.

  3. Mariner1 - I agree with you too. Seattle needs to have a basketball team again.

    Charles - I love the basic Topps design that year too. BTW... who do you think would win the 1 on 1 matchup between James & Bryant? Just curious.

  4. I despise Kobe with every bone in my body, but he is called the "Black Mamba" for a reason. If you watch the video of Kobe answering that question, it's not a game to him. He is all business. It's not like Kobe would run away and get backup if he couldn't win. He'll stick it out and go after however, whenever. Kobe's will to win and desire to be the best is unmatched in today's NBA. Back in the day, there were 5-6 players that had that same desire. Today, there is only one. I may not like Kobe, but I do respect his competitive killer attitude. Kobe wins, 10 - 7.

    What say You?

  5. I think Lebron has several advantages... specifically - natural athleticism, youth, and size... however Kobe makes up for this with "passion" for the game and as you mentioned... the "killer attitude"... and in the end that makes up for the lack in size, athleticism, and youth.

    Kobe, 10 - 6