Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll: How Many Games Will D-Wade Manage To Play?

(Separated Shoulder… looks painful)
Like many basketball fans, I'm a big fan of D-Wade's game. He can get to the basket, knock down clutch shots, D it up and get to the foul line. It seems as though Mr. Wade can do just about anything he wants out on the court. The problem is that it also seems like he can't stay on the court. Call it bad luck, style of play or poor genes, but Wade has failed to complete an entire 82 game season during his 7 year career (games played: 'o4: 61, '05: 77, '06: 75, '07: 51, '08: 51, '09: 79, '10: 77). Although he'll be lacing the kicks up for tonights much anticipated season opener against the Boston Celtics, he's already starting the 2010-11 season with a sore hamstring. So how many games will D-Wade manage to play this season?


  1. I'm gonna say 62 games.He'll get hurt, there's no doubt about it. With the addition of Bron and Bosh, the Heat won't feel like they have to rush Wade back out there after he gets hurt.

  2. I'm going with 65... however... I think the better question is... How many games will Wade, Prince James, and Bosh play together? I'm going with 52.