Friday, February 17, 2012

Should The Cavalier Fans & Organization Want Lebron Back?

I hate Lebron James just as much as the next guy, but there is no denying his talent on the basketball court. Even if he is the prince. So amid the recent developments of the past 24 hours, should Cav's fans and organization want Lebron back?

It's apparent the Cav's just don't know what they are doing when it comes to building a professional basketball team. I mean if it wasn't for winning the Lebron James lottery sweepstakes back in '03, the Cav's organization would not have played a meaningful game since the Mark Price days. They couldn't even put a decent team around LeBron when he was there (i.e. Mo Williams & Wally Szczerbiak). Let's be honest, the NBA wasn't Wally's world like the MAC may have been. So it's a pretty safe bet that whatever the Cav's end up doing in two years when Lebron can opt out of his contract will end up being the wrong decision. Just like The Decision was.

I would not want Lebron back if I was a fan or running the Cavaliers. Lebron will be 29 or 30 by the time he can opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat. This is by no means old in the NBA, but it's not the youngest either. Plus, the Cav's would have to basically throw the towel in on the next two and a half seasons. The NBA is a business and basically losing money for two and a half seasons it's really smart business, but they would probably lose money over the next two seasons regardless. So that argument is really mute. Basically, it comes down to the prince himself.

The fact that he hasn't shown up in big games and can't make decisions that he can live with is enough for me. The guy just doesn't know what he wants, and he should know what he wants. He should want to win. That's what he should be talking about. Not a Blake Griffin dunk or where he wants to play next. As the ever eccentric and late Al Davis said, "Just win baby". The prince is just not a winner. Not even in a watered down, fundamentally unsound and passionless NBA. Maybe D-Wade can help LeBron get on his stylish coattails.

I would just once like to see the fire and determination that the likes of Jordan, Zek, Bird and more showed for entire careers. That type of passion and intensity coupled with the most talented and gifted player in the Association one of the best of all time.

That's my take. However, I'm looking at the whole situation from a basketball sense. Money wise, he would bring in a few bucks for a number of years. Despite the Cavalier's inability to put a decent team around LeBron, Cleveland was rocking downtown on game nights. The upcoming NBA Draft should be a decent one and it might be best to end all the talk if the right player is there to couple with Kyrie Irving.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Should the Cleveland fans and Cavaliers organization want LeBron back?


  1. I'm sure my answer wouldn't be the popular answer with the fans, but yes. It is a business. It's all about putting butts in the seats. End of story.

  2. I don't like Lebron... but I'm not going to lie, if he wanted to come to the Warriors when he's 29... I'd be stoked. I'm sure if Lebron could bring a title to Cleveland, a lot of people would forgive him. But that's another question... can he bring a title to a franchise?