Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Card Reminds You Of Why You Are In The Hobby?

Gary Sheffield/Dwight Gooden '92 Upper Deck Score Board Dual Auto
We all have cards that remind us of our youth or fund memories. There are also cards that are just plan cool too. I love auto'd cards and this Sheffield/Gooden Dual Auto is no exception. It's not the rarest of auto'd cards out there at 1,992, but it definitely is cool. So no fund memory here… just coolness. I bought the card a couple months ago and it came with the COA from Score Board. I paid around $10.00 for this one, and I am happy with that. However, the prices do vary (click here and here).

Now to the coolness. I'm sure Mr. T himself would be envious of the bling around these guys' necks, and that's part of the fun of this card. I also like how Sheffield is sporting a basketball shirt for a trading card shoot. Again, it's all in the fun of this card. Between the card itself, the auto's and reasonable price, this card reminds me of why I'm in the hobby.

Are there any cards that remind you of why your a collector?


  1. Great post. That's an amazing dual auto.

    For me it's the 1986 Topps Jose Canseco rookie card. I was 8 years old when my father surprised me with this card along with all the '86 Topps Dodgers. I traded this card a long time ago, but anytime I see one, it reminds me of why I got into the hobby.

  2. Looking at any of my 91-92 Hoops Cards, cause basketball wise that was the start of my BBall collection. I still love the clean design of MJ's base card in that set. Brings me back to a time when collecting was simply collecting. Miss those days sometimes

  3. 1986 Topps Marty Barrett.

    This was the first year I remember collecting, sorting out singles to make a set, and Barrett was my favorite player (and still is). Every time I see that card, it brings me back to my old bedroom in the summer of '86. It was a simpler time to be a collector then, but I hesitate to say a better time.

  4. I remember collecting and spreading all my cards out on the floor back in the early 90's. I love hearing these stories from other collectors. It brings back memories. That's what this '92 UD card does for me. It brings me back.

    I know a few commented on the good old days. I certainly am the nostalgic type, but I get excited about the new stuff too.