Friday, February 24, 2012

What's Your White Whale?

1997 Upper Deck SPx ProMotion Michael Jordan
I should preface this post by saying that I really have like 10 white whales, but this 1997 Upper Deck SPx ProMotion Michael Jordan is a card that I've been after for about 4 years. Ever since I saw it I new I wanted to build the entire set. Luckily for me, the set is only five cards and I have four out of the five. The bad part, the Jordan sells for over $100.

This card and design got me so excited way back when that I'm also building the sets from the other sports too (click here). I love 90's inserts from all sports, but this '97 SPx ProMotion Jordan is easily one of the best looking inserts from the era. I hope one day to complete the set and make Captain Ahab happy. So that's my white whale, what's yours?


  1. damn, that sure is a nice card. always loved those spx promotion cards.

    right now, my white whale is a 30 cent expired redemption:

    1996 SkyBox Premium "Brett Favre MVP" #3B Exchange Card

  2. i have that card and i dont even like it cuz its jordan, not one of my favorite players soooooooooooo

    1. That's cool. I know not everyone is into really vibrant colors, die cuts and super clear holograms of the GOAT.