Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tyler Meyers In The Hoopography House: 2011 Upper Deck SPx Shadow Box

'11 Upper Deck SPx Shadow Box Tyler Myers
It's official, I can't enough of Upper Deck's SPx Shadow Box cards. This time I've been swallowed up by the excitement of the NHL Playoffs and just couldn't pass up this 2011 Shadow Box card featuring Buffalo Sabres' defender Tyler Myers. Myers is one of the best young players in the NHL and I'm just glad he's wearing a Sabres' sweater right now.

As for these SPx Shadow Box cards, they're really cool. This is the second year Upper Deck has released versions of these inserts. They are case hits inserted into the football and hockey products. I hope they release versions in the basketball product. Each card is very thick and has a raised 3D image of the featured player in the middle of the card.

I have two Thurman Thomas Shadow Box cards. One is from his playing days with the Buffalo Bills (click here) and the other is from his Oklahoma State University days (click here). Aside from the look of the Myers card, I'm really excited about adding this one to my collection as the Sabres are currently leading the Philadelphia Flyers in a best of seven first round playoff matchup. Hopefully the Sabres can close out the series today.

Happy Easter and, "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. You know I love me some Shadow Box cards... nice pick up. I wonder if they made any Sharks cards. Sorry about the Sabres... hope Miller can work his magic in game 7. I'll be pulling for him.

  2. @Fuji, there is a Danny Heatley. Here is the eBay link:

  3. I'll definitely be bidding on this... thanks Charles!