Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jason Kidd In The Hoopography House: '97 Topps Finest Gold Refractor

'97 Topps Finest Jason Kidd Gold Refractor
Here's another recent addition to the collection. I'm a fan of old school Jason Kidd inserts, auto's and refractors. I also like the Topps Finest Gold refractors from 1997. I have a good portion of the set already including some of the bigger names in the set. You can see a few of them here. This Kidd gold refractor certainly is a very nice addition to the set.

Jason Kidd has been one of the most consistent point guards in NBA history. He was highly tauted coming into the Association as the 2nd overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Dallas Mavericks. Ironically, Kidd rejoined the Mav's after stints in Pheniox and New Jersey. The 10-time NBA All-Star has also been selected to the All-NBA First Team 5-times and has two Olympic Gold Medals from 2000 and 2008. In my eyes, Kidd is a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer. The one piece of hardware still missing from his mantel is a championship ring. Maybe if Kidd plays forever, which I think he just might, he can finally get to the top of the NBA mountain.

This card cost just under $10 shipped which isn't too bad. Many of these gold refractors sell for a pretty penny including "Penny's". I do have a good number of them, but I'm no where near putting the entire set together. I'm going to concentrate on putting a few of the other sets I'm collecting together, but I'll continue picking these cards up as I go. I hope you enjoyed a peak inside the Hoopography House. Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. That's a sweet card Charles!! I love those mid 90's Finest refractors!!

  2. I'm with Chris P... love those mid 90's refractors. Best of luck with your set.

  3. Kidd rocks for sure! I just hope he can help the Mavs get a title before he retires. Thats a nice card too, I need to add one to my own Kidd collection.

  4. @BigD, I would really like to see Kidd get a ring… Dirk too!!!