Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poll: What Sport Do You Collect The Most Memorabilia/Cards of?

I think it's pretty safe to assume that most collectors have a variety in their sports memorabilia collections. Sure, there are certain players, teams and sports we all collect, but I know many collectors who have great collections featuring items from all sports. I'm sure there's even a reader or two that has a modest cricket or football (soccer) collection they're building. With that said, many of us still have one sport or player from a particular sport that we focus our collections around and I'm no different.

I recently inventoried my sports memorabilia collection and am now able to break my collection down into the four major sports. I know I collect a lot of hoops memorabilia, but I was surprised to see how diverse my collection actually has become. To beak it down for you, 48% of my collection is basketball related, 20% football, 19% baseball and 13% hockey. I do realize how dorky it was to inventory my collection to get these percentages, and I'm assuming many readers aren't as dorky as me. So I made the poll a little simpler: What sport do you collect the most?

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  1. I spent about 2 minutes thinking about your question, before I came to my conclusion. Overall... it has to be baseball. My three four specific PC's (A's, Padres, Greg Maddux, & Jackie Robinson) are only a fraction of my San Jose Sharks PC... but when you add in all of the other autographs, GU, and rookies... it has to be baseball. Basketball is probably second... then football... hockey... racing... golf... and then finally non-sports.

    I have a couple of soccer autographs and a couple of soccer sets... but unfortunately... no cricket cards.