Monday, May 2, 2011

NFL Draft Poll: Which QB Will Be The Best QB?


  1. Tough question. I voted Mallett just because of the situation he is going in to. He has tremendous ability, and he's the only one going into a place where he gets to sit behind a great QB. He will hopefully be developed to where he gets his head straight and ends up as a better version of Matt Cassell. That said, I want to throw in a write-in additional vote for Greg Mcelroy. He might not be a long-time starter, but he will be around for a long time, and have very good success. He's got the head to make up for what his body lacks. I don't think he will be a career #1 guy, but he's go the look of a 1.5 guy that will be a backup everyone will want.

  2. @Spankee, I'm right with you on Mallett. Sometimes it's more of the right situation that leads to a successful career than anything else. I like Mallett in college and I think he will get an even better education at New England.