Friday, March 2, 2012

Do You Think Anyone Can Score 100 Points Again?

Wilt Chamberlin scores 100 points
In honor of Wilt The Stilt's 50th Anniversary 100 point game, I thought it only fitting to ask, "will anyone accomplish this feat again"? I don't believe any player in the Association will ever get to that magical 100 point plateau.

The talent is certainly there today. There are a small handful of players currently in the Association who I feel can score 100 points in a single NBA game, but I just don't think today's NBA will allow it. The game is just too complicated. Remember when David Robinson needed to score 71 points to win the NBA Scoring Title in 1994? His Spurs teammates were feeding him the ball left and right, and he still couldn't couldn't even come close. This is just one example to show how great of an accomplishment Chamberlin's feat was. Look at Kobe's attempt or Jordan's 63 agains the Celtics in '86 for additional support.

The bottom-line, this is a much different NBA with more complicated defenses and more talented players than the Chamberlin's 1962 NBA. What do you think?


  1. I really don't think in today's game it'll happen. Even Kobe's 81 was still 19 off. It would have to be a very competitive and high scoring game, but even then the opposing team would make sure not to be on the end of such a dubious honor. Definitely a record I can never seen broken again

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